PEAT is very valuable organic substance. It was used from ancient times in agriculture as a substance for reaching the soils. Peat is widely used in modern technologies of growing different plants as a growing media. Peat is very useful in container technology of growing plants, in greenhouses, in technology of growing mushrooms.

    Peat of good quality is harvested at the licensed areas of peat field MOROCHNO-1, which is situated in picturesque woody Dubrovitsa district, Rivne region, Ukraine. The given peat field differs by stability of peat characteristics. Peat is harvested seasonably by using both traditional and innovating methods.


peat field Morochno

peat field preparing

peat field Morochno

peat field


     PEAT is an organic substance which was formed by nature with help of special climate conditions. Main agrochemical characteristics of peat such as degree of decomposition, acidity (pH), content of mineral elements, physical structure (fibrous) are unique for each peat field. The main task for each peat harvesting company is to save as maximum as possible all natural characteristics of peat. After long-termed searchings and learning of different systems of harvesting, our company decided to use Canadian vacuum harvesting equipment.

vacuum harvester


It is Canadian machine, which gives the possibility to save unruined structure of peat. By this, we can save high water holding capacity of peat.


     SLL firm "REKORD" works at peat market from 2004 year. In this short period of time our company have learned and introduce combined system of peat harvesting, started packing the peat in big-bales, system of supplying peat to purchasers were get on stream, we start exporting out own products. Today we can propose peat white (milled) in Big-bales.


peat in big bales


Main part of peat is exporting in European and Asian countries for processing in the final product - peat substrates (peat mixes) for plant growing.


       In 2010 our company starts working with own fully automatic line for peat substrate producing. The given complex of equipment shall make possible for each purchaser get quality product for plants directly from the producer. The stability of raw material base, great experience of our European partners, wide possibilities of equipment for substrate producing together shall make possible to present the assortment of peat substrates of European quality with attractive price offer.

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